Citadel High School

April 19th, 2021

Daily Announcements
  • Free breakfast everyday, cart is in the cafeteria. 
  • In honour of Autism Acceptance/Pride Month, we are asking students and staff to bring in donations in support of Autism Nova Scotia. Students can bring their donations to their A-block teachers and funds will be collected at the end of the week, April 23rd
  • Today is the start of earth week! Tomorrow is thrifted Tuesday, be sure to pull up in your best thrifted fit. Today is mask Monday! Did you know that there is currently a demand worldwide for 8 million disposable masks each month? Try your best to wear a reusable mask to school everyday.
  • SONGWRITERS' CIRCLE - There is a songwriters' circle today in room 221 at 11:35. This is a chance to hang out with fellow songwriters, to collaborate, and to test-drive your songs. All are welcome. That's the songwriters' circle today at 11:35 in Room 221.