Citadel High School

October 31st, 2023

Tuesday, October 31

Good morning Citadel High and Happy Halloween!

There will be bible study in seminar room 3A at lunch and all are welcome.

The Rotary Club is collecting hats and mitts in a box outside the office for SoulsHarbour for the month of November. All donations are welcome and support a good cause!

There will be a bake sale at lunch today put on by the spirit committee.

In the cafeteria today:

Two soft tacos and Mexican rice   $7.75
Perogies with salsa and sour cream served with a side salad   $7.75
Three cheese tortellini with tomato basil sauce and a homemade roll    $6.25
Chicken pasta with broccoli bowl   $5.50
Breaded chicken burger $5.50
HAUNTED HOUSE Bakery…. If you dare?
Cemetery Pudding $3.50
Halloween Rice Krispie Squares   $2.00

That’s all for now, have a wonderful day, make good choices and be kind to one another :)