Citadel High School

May 3rd, 2024

Daily Announcements
  • There are representatives from SMU here all morning in the library seminar room to help any students who have been accepted to pick their courses or any student who would like to still apply or just have questions. 
  • Leadership 12 will be putting on a bake sale this Friday at lunchtime in the cafeteria!! The various sweets sold will help to support your grade 12 carnival!
  • Badminton club is hosting the first meeting in the main gym on tuesday after school to 5p.m for anyone interested in playing badminton
  • Boys Rugby practice is cancelled today. The next practice will be on Monday at 6:00
  • Girls softball tryouts Tuesday May 7th and Wednesday May 8th from 4 to 6pm. We will meet in the gym at 3:50pm then walk to the field as a group.
  • Today in the cafeteria:
  • BBQ chicken thighs, baked potato wedges served with corn    $7.75
  • Fettucine carbonara with a homemade roll   $6.25
  • Mac and cheese bowl   $5.50
  • Beverages, Caesar salad, pasta salad, wraps, various sandwiches, parfaits, fresh fruit.
  • Pancakes (3) with syrup and whipped topping   $4.00