Citadel High School

Community Incident - Images on Social Media


I am writing to make you aware of a situation we are dealing with as a school community.

On Thursday after school, there was a disturbing incident on the Commons involving three young people who attend our school. We were made aware of the incident on Friday and spent considerable time addressing the situation. In addition, we contacted Halifax Regional Police who are investigating.

Late Friday afternoon, we became aware that a video of the incident was circulating on social media. We also learned there is a narrative circulating suggesting the person on the ground has a disabilty. This is not the case and distracts from what actually happened.

I want the Citadel community to know that the matter is being taken very seriously, both by the school and by police. For privacy reasons, I cannot provide you with further details but can assure you there have been consequences.

If you and/or your child has seen the video, I would encourage that it not be shared. Every time the video is shared or posted, it has the potential to cause further harm to the individual who was filmed without their consent.

With permission of the family, I can tell you the person on the ground in the video is ok and they were in school on Friday.

I want to thank everyone who emailed or called to bring this incident to our attention. Police are investigating and we will support them as needed. If your child has any information about the incident, I would encourage them to reach out to a trusted adult at the school or contact police.

If your child needs someone to speak with at school, please let us know and we will connect them with the appropriate support.

With thanks,

Joe Morrison,