Citadel High School

Case of COVID-19 connected to Citadel High


Public Health has confirmed that a person connected to Citadel High School has tested positive for COVID-19.

When a COVID-19 case is identified in a school, the Halifax Regional Centre for Education takes direction from Public Health. Their team is working to identify any students and staff who may have been in close contact with the confirmed case.

If your child is identified as a close contact, Public Health will communicate with you directly. If Public Health does not contact you, it is because your child is not considered a close contact.

However, out of an abundance of caution, Public Health is recommending that all students and staff at Citadel be tested for COVID-19, whether or not you have symptoms. More details are contained in the general notification letter from Public Health.

Public Health is now investigating and more info will be shared later this weekend regarding timelines for when the building will reopen.

If your family is in need of food as a result of this closure, you can call 211 and let them know you are part of our school community. A navigator will be able to help by arranging for a food box to be delivered to your home free of charge by Feed Nova Scotia.

We understand you may feel anxious over the coming days. It is natural to want to know if your child may have been exposed to the virus. Public Health officials will inform those who are at risk of the next steps, but to protect the privacy of students and staff, other details including names, will not be released.

Please continue to monitor your child(ren) daily for signs or symptoms of COVID-19, using Nova Scotia’s daily checklist at: .

If your child(ren) has or develops signs or symptoms as described on the checklist, complete the COVID-19 self-assessment online at or call 811 if you are unable to access the online tool.

Everyone should get tested regularly for COVID-19. Even if you have no symptoms or only mild symptoms, you should get tested.

You can book an appointment for a standard test at a primary assessment centre. Rapid testing is available without appointment at pop-up sites for people who are 16 or older and have no symptoms.

Visit the Nova Scotia Health Authority website for more information about testing. Please do not call 811 for general information about testing. Only call 811 if you can’t book a test online.

I would also encourage you to visit where you can find information and resources for you and your family.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Joe Morrison