Citadel High School

February 26th, 2024

Daily Announcements

Announcements for Monday February 26, 2024

Congratulations to the Girls Varsity Hockey team for their win over Halifax West this weekend to become provincial champions. A great effort by all the girls but a special shout out to Ava Lorette for her physics defying goal and to Brianna Bower for the game winning goal. Cit Puck rules!
Chicken souvlaki with rice and veggies; tzatziki sauce $7.75
Lasagna with garlic parmesan bread $6.75
Chicken nuggets and oven fries $7.75
Pita pizza $4.50
Today’s breakfast is French toast fingers with whipped topping and berries $4.60
Tomorrow we have a traditional breakfast of egg/bacon/toast/hashbrown for $6.70
Feature in the sub/wrap bar today is cajun chicken mix