Citadel High School

Staff Directory

The main school phone number is (902) 491-4444.

To call an extension directly dial the school number and input 283 plus the four digit extension (283XXXX).

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Sylliboy, Lauretta Aboriginal Student Support Worker ext. 1028
Cain, Cindy African NS Student Support Worker ext. 1015
Cafeteria, Staff Cafeteria 902-422-7259
Davis, Albert Caretaker 1021
Barkhouse, Donna EPA - Learning Centre ext. 1219
Dunn, Linda EPA - Learning Centre ext. 1219
Wood, Steve EPA - Learning Centre ext. 1219
Adams, Jaqueline EPA - Learning Centre ext. 1220
Gobessi, Christina EPA - Learning Centre ext. 1219
Higgins, Kerry EPA - Learning Centre ext. 1219
Krailo, Donna EPA - Learning Centre ext. 1219
Nightingale, Tom EPA - Learning Centre ext. 1220
Pellow, Lisa EPA - Learning Centre ext. 1219
Vogt, Joanne EPA - Learning Centre ext. 1219
Reardon, Tim EPA - Learning Centre ext. 1219
Yusoff, Liz EPA - Learning Centre ext. 1219
Wilson, Linda EPA - Learning Centre ext. 1219
Day, Andrew EPA - Learning Centre ext. 1219
Nolan, Marilyn HRM Community Centre (902) 490-3895
Reese, Brendan IT Specialist
Lavers, Rachel Library ext. 1013 Website
Phoenix Store, . Phoenix Store ext. 1026
Borden, Satie School Social Worker 902-223-7826
MacDonald, Lynn School Social Worker 902-483-3740
Donovan, Maura Schools Plus Assistant Leader (Acting) 902 471 6535
Mader, Sara Spatz Theatre (902) 442-0716
Student's Council, . Students' Council ext. 1037
Poirier, Erin Youth Health Centre ext. 1014

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Overmars, Sarah Arts/ Technology ext. 1222
Wagley, Tyson Arts/ Technology
Drapak, Dave Arts/ Technology ext. 1301 Website
Evans, Gethin Arts/ Technology ext. 1119 Website
Farrell, Fran Arts/ Technology ext. 1221
Gillis, Katelyn Arts/ Technology ext. 1221
Lytle, Becky Arts/ Technology ext. 1122
Thibault, Dereck Arts/ Technology Twitter
Smith, Jeffrey Arts/ Technology ext. 1115
Bruce, Michelle Arts/ Technology ext. 1302
Bowdridge, Michael Arts/ Technology - Dept. Head ext. 1118
Nixon, Ami Athletic Director/Personal Development ext. 1012
Mogae, Sydney Co-op Coordinator ext. 1109
Maddalena, Megan English ext. 1205
Cormier, Brad English ext. 1303
MacLellan, Richard English ext. 1204 Website
MacNeil, Paula English ext. 1208
Majaess, Rima English ext. 1216 Website
Shaw, Melissa English ext. 1215 Twitter
Maher, Adam English ext. 1202
MacDonald, Erin English ext. 1207
Mac Ewen, Katie English ext. 1218 Website
Martin, Kerin English - Dept. Head ext. 1203
Michael, Heather IB Coordinator ext. 1025 Twitter
Stockley, Amanda Languages
MacEachen, Beth-Anne Languages ext. 1211
Downie, Elizabeth Languages ext. 1117
Broughton, Chris Languages
Rojo, Henry Languages ext. 1103
Waite, Nina Languages ext. 1102
Luke, Ruth Anne Languages/ Personal Development - Dept. Head ext. 1101 Website
Longaphy , Cathy Learning Centre ext. 1220
Collins, Heather Learning Centre ext. 1219
MacDonald, Zeno Math ext. 1005 Website
Morash, Charles Math ext. 1112 Website
Deveaux, Melissa Math ext. 1114 Website
Pinet, Sunita Math ext. 1105 Website
Yazid, Mohamed Math ext. 1113 Website
Burgess, David Math Website
Salah, David Math ext. 1108 Website
Cunningham, Joan Math ext. 1110 Website
Service, Karen Math ext. 1106 Website
Ross, Douglas Math ext. 1104 Website
Spear, Jacqueline Math ext. 1113 Website
MacRae, Vicki Math ext. 1304 Website
Brennan, Eileen Math ext. 1107 Website
Karmas, Chris Math ext. 1111 Website
Procopio, Jocelyn Math - Dept. Head ext. 1210 Website
Graham , Tanya NSISP EAL Teacher ext. 1216
Barrington, David Personal Development ext. 1010
MacFarlane, Shannon Personal Development ext. 1024
Cowan, Amber Personal Development ext. 1040 Twitter
MacDonnell, Liam Personal Development
Barkhouse, Evan Personal Development ext. 1120
Sutton, Chris Personal Development ext. 1010
Andrew, Fiona Personal Development ext. 1024 Website
MacDonald, Tamera Personal Development ext. 1024
Stewart, Allison Personal Development ext. 1201
Wilson , Debra Personal Development Department Head and O2 Coordinator ext. 1109 Website
Caldwell, Michelle Science ext. 1313 Website
Clarke, Cheryl Science ext. 1305 Website
Murphy, Jason Science ext. 1310
MacEachern, Trish Science ext. 1308
MacLellan, Natasha Science ext. 1316 Website
O'Brien, Kelly Science
Holmes, Dana Science ext. 1307 Website
Archibald, Carolyn Science ext. 1209
MacDougall, Laura Science ext. 1214 Website
Welch, Santhi Science ext. 1206
Fay, Gwyneth Science ext. 1312
Horton, Susan Science & Physical Education ext. 1010
Gosse, Steve Science - Dept. Head ext. 1213 Website
Janvier-MacIntyre, Dany Science/ Languages ext. 1313
Rawding, Brian Social Studies ext. 1319
Wickwire Foster, Emily Social Studies ext. 1322
Wolno, Fred Social Studies ext. 1317
Makhan, Karla Social Studies ext. 1304
Harrison, Chris Social Studies ext. 1306
Macleod, Andrew Social Studies ext. 1309
Kanellakos, James Social Studies ext. 1320
Albers, Greg Social Studies - Dept. Head ext. 1318
Amero-Chisholm , Krystyna Social Studies and English ext. 1217


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
_Borden, Cherie Guidance Counsellor Surname A-F ext. 1008 Website
_Adams, Malik Guidance Counsellor Surname G-M and Mac ext. 1007 Website
_MacLean, Laura Guidance Counsellor Surname N-Z and Mc ext. 1009 Website
Morrison, Joe Principal ext. 1001
MacDonald, Zeno Registrar ext. 1005
*Farrell, Jane Secretary (Full time) ext. 1000
Beck, Evelyn Secretary (Part-Time) ext. 1000
King, Julie Secretary (Student Services) ext. 1006
*McDougall, Andrew Vice Principal Grade 10 ext. 1002
*MacIntyre, Leslie Vice-Principal Grade 11 ext. 1004
*Rouvalis, Maria Vice-Principal Grade 12 ext. 1003